Hotels in Nags Head, NC: Cottage Courts

Cottage courts make getting a place to stay in Nags Head, NC, hotels easy. Just what is a cottage court, you might ask? A cottage courts is a group of cottages on one lot. The cottages are typically small (one, two or three bedrooms), and the group of cottages shares amenities like a pool, grills, playground equipment or a fish-cleaning station. Cottage courts were very popular in Nags Head in the 1950s and ‘60s, and they’re making a comeback. Therefore, in Nags Head you can find cottage courts that are older and nostalgic as well as some that are brand-new. This style of Nags Head cottage rentals is especially great for large groups or families who want to stay close to each other but not in the same house with each other. Everybody gets their own space and congregates together outside and at the beach.