Restaurants in Kill Devil Hills: Seafood Specialties & Steam Bars

If you’re like most people on the Outer Banks, you’ll be interested in eating an assortment of seafood. It’s easy to find local, freshly caught seafood on the Outer Banks – you’ll see it on menus at fast-casual joints, upscale restaurants, take-out spots and old, tried-and-true restaurants by the beach. Yes, the Outer Banks is known for its classic baskets of crispy fried seafood, steamers and raw bars, and you’ll find all of that at restaurants in Kill Devil Hills. However, Caribbean-inspired fish tacos, sushi and seafood Napoleon are also found in town. Get creative with how you eat seafood in Kill Devil Hills, and let influences from Thailand, Polynesia, Baja, the Mediterranean, western Europe and the South come out in seafood dishes.