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H2OBX, Take a Thrill Ride

Take a Thrill Ride

H2OBX thrill rides range from tube slides, body slides, and river adventures to challenging races, boogie boarding &... More info
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H2OBX, Family Rides

Family Rides

Whether you choose to enjoy an adrenaline-spiked thrill ride or a more leisurely, chillaxed’ adventure, H2OBX instantly... More info
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H2OBX, Kid Friendly Rides

Kid Friendly Rides

Our interactive play structures, exciting slides, and splashing attractions will keep your H2OBX Kid entertained all day... More info
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H2OBX, Rent a Cabana!

Rent a Cabana!

Add some luxury and even more relaxation to your H2OBX Waterpark adventure. Choose one of over 50 Standard & Deluxe... More info