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Jewelry By Gail, "Abacus Silica - Yellow" Lapis Earrings

"abacus Silica - Yellow" Lapis Earrings

The beautifully faceted Lapis beads and the gorgeous yellow gold adds up to a lot of strong striking beauty!
Jewelry By Gail, "Dragon's Eye" Demantoid Garnet Ring

"dragon's Eye" Demantoid Garnet Ring

Demantoid garnet is normally found in small sizes only, under 1 carat. Gems over 2 carats, like this one, are considered extremely rare.
Jewelry By Gail, "Emerging Cocoon" Pearl Pendant

"emerging Cocoon" Pearl Pendant

Sometimes the name of a piece just comes to Gail. The shape of this pearl contributed to the name of course!
Jewelry By Gail, "Hot, Hot, Hot!" Spinel and Diamond Ring

"hot, Hot, Hot!" Spinel and Diamond Ring

3 stones, all sparkly and sizzling with beauty, 1 HOT pink spinel and 2 fiery Diamonds, the only appropriate name is HOT HOT HOT!
Jewelry By Gail, "Molten Fire" Ethiopian Opal Pendant

"molten Fire" Ethiopian Opal Pendant

This two-sided pendant combines torch fusion design with stunning orange Ethiopian Opal fire for a hot piece indeed!
Jewelry By Gail, "Peacock" Spinel Ring

"peacock" Spinel Ring

Teal Spinel is also known as Peacock blue! Sporting dazzling color just like the beautiful bird, this rare and stunning stone will please the eyes and soothe the soul!
Jewelry By Gail, Ametrine Earrings

Ametrine Earrings

9.15 ct. total weight round faceted Ametrine 14k yellow gold center dangle French Wire earring design 1.62” top to bottom .87” width
Jewelry By Gail, Anasazi Shard Bracelet

Anasazi Shard Bracelet

Terracotta color Anasazi pottery shard, Argentium® sterling silver curly prong and lock design, 2.5" shard length, 1.35" shard width
Jewelry By Gail, Deep Blue Sea Kyanite Pendant

Deep Blue Sea Kyanite Pendant

It seems so fitting that a gorgeous stone like Kyanite, with its strong blue color, (like that of the deepest blue sea) should be accompanied by Gail's version of seaweed!
Jewelry By Gail, Freeform Shakudo Turquoise Slide/Pendant

Freeform Shakudo Turquoise Slide/pendant

Approximately 2.71" x 1.85" aqua blue with black matrix Turquoise Shadudo freeform tornsheet original design. Accommodates a 7 mm. omega.
Jewelry By Gail, Freshwater Pearl Pendant

Freshwater Pearl Pendant

7 mm. undrilled peach freshwater Pearl Two tiny Mississippi River accent Pearls 14k yellow gold JBG Splash and Seaweed Pendant design 1.11” top to bottom .43” width
Jewelry By Gail, Malaya Garnet Ring

Malaya Garnet Ring

One of the rarer and more interesting 'hybrid' varieties of garnet, the Malaya Garnet is primarily a mix of pyrope and spessartine.
Jewelry By Gail, Mississippi River Pearl Splash Pendant

Mississippi River Pearl Splash Pendant

Natural White Mississippi River freshwater Pearl 14k yellow gold Splash and Seaweed pendant design
Jewelry By Gail, Pink Tourmaline Ring

Pink Tourmaline Ring

1.60 ct round faceted Pink Tourmaline 14k yellow gold dual shank seaweed swirl ring design
Jewelry By Gail, Precious and Pretty Pearl Necklace

Precious and Pretty Pearl Necklace

4-4.5 mm. white Chinese freshwater pearls, 14k yellow gold JBG catch system, 24” length
Jewelry By Gail, Pretty Petite Pearl Earrings

Pretty Petite Pearl Earrings

Two 5 mm. peach lavender Pearls, 14k palladium white gold JBG Abacus french wire earring design, .90" top to bottom
Jewelry By Gail, Rose Vine Love Tourmaline Earrings

Rose Vine Love Tourmaline Earrings

The fun and curvy vine design of rose gold perfectly complements brilliant bright pink gems!
Jewelry By Gail, Spirited Beach Rose Necklace

Spirited Beach Rose Necklace

Argentium® sterling silver 8 gauge JBG Beach Rose neckpiece design
Jewelry By Gail, Trio London Blue Topaz Ring

Trio London Blue Topaz Ring

The rich deep beauty of London Blue Topaz is on display times three here, complemented by both yellow and white gold.
Jewelry By Gail, Tropical Paradise Tourmaline Ring

Tropical Paradise Tourmaline Ring

6.64 ct. cushion cut Indicolite Tourmaline, .88 ct. oval faceted Pink Spinel, .14 ct.
Jewelry By Gail, White Pearl Saturn Hoops

White Pearl Saturn Hoops

8 mm. white Pearls, 14k yellow gold JBG Saturn Hoops design, 1.65" length, .94" width
Jewelry By Gail, Winter Ice Aquamarine Earrings

Winter Ice Aquamarine Earrings

3.28 ct. total weight (9 x 7 mm.) oval faceted cut Aquamarines, Palladium basket stud settings
Jewelry By Gail, “Cocoons” Pearl Earrings

“Cocoons” Pearl Earrings

Shaped like cocoons, but with the beauty on the outside!
Jewelry By Gail, “Deep Space” Titanium Coated Kyanite Pendant

“Deep Space” Titanium Coated Kyanite Pendant

Rich deep-colored Kyanite has been specially treated with Titanium vapors to produce a bright peacock vibrant color across the many facets of crystals.
Jewelry By Gail, “Goosebery” Grossular Garnet Ring

“Goosebery” Grossular Garnet Ring

Grossular garnets are named for their color resemblance to gooseberries!
Jewelry By Gail, “Indonesian Treasures” South Sea Pearl Earrings

“Indonesian Treasures” South Sea Pearl Earrings

South Sea pearls are cultured primarily off the northwest coast of Australia. The GOLDEN VARIETY comes primarily from Indonesia and the Philippines.
Jewelry By Gail, “Midnight Fire” Sapphire Ring

“Midnight Fire” Sapphire Ring

A vivid and classic Blue Sapphire is augmented further by Torch fusion funky and swirling seaweed sexy - Yellow and white gold goodness all dancing together to start a Midnight Fire!
Jewelry By Gail, “Rosy Swirls” Blue Zircon Earrings

“Rosy Swirls” Blue Zircon Earrings

Gorgeous rose gold swirls around palladium white gold perfectly complementing the stunning Blue Zircons in a must-see Gail original design!
Jewelry By Gail, “Volcanic Fire” Ethiopian Opal Pendant

“Volcanic Fire” Ethiopian Opal Pendant

WOW – is what you’ll say when you see this beauty – Our camera captured some of the fire – and fire is the perfect word - Ethiopian opals originate from volcanic activity.