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COVID-19 Information for Restaurants in Kill Devil Hills

During the pandemic, Kill Devil Hills restaurants have been prohibited from sit-down service in their dining rooms. However, various restaurants have stepped up to offer take-out, curbside pick-up and delivery when possible, helping to keep locals and visitors (as of May 16) happy. Call ahead to place your orders so that you can limit the amount of contact and to ensure the restaurant of your choice is open that day/time. The easiest way to find Kill Devil Hills restaurants that are serving is to scroll through the list below and look for the During COVID-19 information block at the beginning of the listing. If you don't see that info, you can be reasonably sure that the restaurant is temporarily closed. We are updating this information regularly until we get the go ahead to open our restaurant doors!


If you love dining out, then Kill Devil Hills is the place for you. Within the town limits, you’ll find more than 30 different Kill Devil Hills restaurants. Each has their signature specialties and flare, but a common ground for almost all of them is the fresh seafood that’s locally caught and readily available. If you dine around, you’ll see it on lunch, dinner, appetizer and even breakfast menus.

One thing that never ceases to surprise or amaze it is the creativity of the cuisine at Kill Devil Hills restaurants. The talented chefs in Kill Devil Hills frequently develop imaginative fusion dishes, sampling international flavors with delicious results. You’ll find a great variety of influences, ranging from Pacific Rim, Southwestern, Italian and good old Southern home cooking. Top it off with specialties like local craft beers, fresh-roasted coffees and scrumptious desserts – it’s no wonder that locals like to eat out a lot too. If you are curious about what these kitchens are cooking up each day, be sure to check the Nags Head Restaurant Specials page, which covers Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills restaurants too.

Expand Horizons at Kill Devil Hills Restaurants

One thing that we love about Kill Devil Hills restaurants is how so many of them are locally owned and operated. It gives them the ability to capture the area’s influences in the food that they serve, whether that means using seasonal ingredients sourced from the region, offering tried and true Outer Banks dishes or embracing home-style country cuisine. A popular move for visitors is to branch out from the familiar chain restaurants they find at home and instead discover something new. (If you must have a fast food fix, however, Kill Devil Hills is home to what’s affectionately known as French Fry Alley by the locals. It’s the stretch of the Bypass between Mileposts 9 and 11 where several fast food chains are located.) We haven’t included them here because you’re already familiar with what they offer. Wherever you go in this town, you’ll find that casual attire is perfectly acceptable, even in fine dining establishments.

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