Bad Bean Baja Grill’s varied and unexpected menu and local ingredients have all the answers. Do you want Mexican? This Kitty Hawk restaurant specializes in it. Do you want local seafood? Get each day’s fresh catch here. Perhaps you just want something different, whatever that may be, and you can count on finding it at Bad Bean. Their chef-driven food is inspired Mexican and Latin-American cuisine that’s fused with elements of Baja, Tex-Mex, coastal Carolina, Asia and beyond. They have your tacos, quesadillas and burritos, but they’ve also got you covered when it comes to flavorful salads, wraps and sandwiches. Go for the Giant Cali Burrito for classic Mexican restaurant fare, or shake it up with the Black Bean Quinoa Burger. They’re known for their fish tacos, burritos and wraps, and the Outer Banks seafood is selected by what’s freshest that day. And their popular N.C. Heritage Farm Pork Belly Tacos satisfy both Mexican and barbecue cravings in one, heavenly mouthful. If you have a large group to feed, don't forget to check out their party packs that serve 10 or 20. It’s everything you need for a delicious taco night without the stress of cooking.

Bad Bean Baja Grill for Every Taste

The menu at Bad Bean Baja Grill has something for every eater. Take your pick of protein from local fish and shrimp, ancho-braised brisket, shredded barbacoa, achiote-roasted chicken and grilled skirt steak. Vegans, vegetarians and those with gluten-free restrictions will have no problem eating and enjoying their experience at the Bad Bean. Various salads, grilled tofu, vegan rice and beans, and house-made hummus can be combined for a delicious and healthy meal. From carnivores to vegans, no one leaves this Kitty Hawk restaurant hungry.

Everything – food, sauce, moles, marinades, dips – is made in house, and the chefs take pride in using only freshest of ingredients. The crispy chips are fried that day and arrive at the table still warm, and the homemade salsas burst with robust flavor. You won't find your typical bottled hot sauce on the tables, either. They create and rotate their house-fermented hot sauces on a regular basis. All of their mixers are made here too, and people like to stock up on the hot sauces, salsas, house margarita and house Bloody Mary mixes before leaving the Kitty Hawk restaurant. Speaking of drinks, take a peek at their selection of mojitos and margaritas, including featured concoctions that change each day. They also serve wine and beers by the bottle, and the craft beers on tap rotate regularly.

All prices are subject to change.


Bad Bean Nachos

Corn chips over black beans, smothered with queso and topped with melted cheese, pickled jalapenos, pickled red onions, lettuce, salsa fresca and sour cream
Shredded Grilled Achiote Chicken3.50
Shredded Pork Barbacoa3.50
Ancho Braised Beed Brisket4

Pork Belly Jalapeno Popper Egg Rolls

Roasted jalapeños stuffed with cream cheese, crispy pork belly pieces and scallions rolled in egg roll wrappers and fried. Served with citrus honey sauce

Garlic Cilantro Fries

Crispy french fries tossed in chopped garlic and fresh cilantro

Chips & Dip

Yellow corn tortillas cut and fried fresh daily. Choose from our homemade salsas: Salsa Fresca (mild), Verde Tomatillo & Poblano (mild), Roasted Tomato & Jalapeno (medium) or Roasted Tomato & Habanero (hot)
Small Fresh Salsa 4
Large Fresh Salsa 6
Small Guacamole 5.50
Large Guacamole 9
Small Queso 5
Large Queso 7

Dip Sampler

Your choice of 2 salsas, small guacamole & small queso
Add to any salad: Grilled Chicken Breast - 5.50 | Grilled Steak - 7 | Pan Seared Fresh Fish or NC Shrimp - Market

Baja Salad

Mixed greens, fresh jicama, green peppers, pickled red onions, cotija cheese, chipotle lime dressing, crispy corn tortilla strips

Bad Bean Caesar

Crisp romaine tossed in our house dressing, fried jalapeño rings, cotija cheese and topped with corn tortilla strips

Taco Salad

Crisp fried flour tortilla filled with spiced rice, black beans, lettuce, cheese, and topped with salsa fresca, fresh guacamole and sour cream. Add any of our shredded meats.
Add Grilled Achiote Chicken3.50
Add Pork Barbacoa3.50
Add Ancho Braised Beef Brisket4
12’ tortilla filled with melted mixed cheeses. Served with lettuce, salsa fresca & sour cream on the side.

Three Cheese

Add any of our shredded meats
Grilled Achiote Chicken3.50
Pork Barbacoa3.50
Ancho Braised Beef Brisket4

Black Bean & Roasted Pepper

Roasted sweet peppers, grilled onions and black beans

Roasted Mushroom and Goat Cheese

Garlic herb tortilla with roasted portabella mushrooms, goat cheese & cilantro chimmichurri

Grilled Chicken Fajita

Filled with grilled chicken, sweet peppers, grilled onions, served with fresh guacamole on the side

Chipotle Meatball

Albondigas (Mexican meatballs) in a toasted garlic herb tortilla, charred tomato sauce, and queso fresco

Fresh Fish or NC Shrimp

Jicama slaw, cilantro chimichurri and salsa fresca

Roasted NC Pork Belly Taco

Changes daily, Ask your server

Bad Bean Taco

Served on warm flour tortillas with lettuce, shredded cheese, sour cream, and your choice of salsa. Salsa choices: Salsa Fresca (mild), Verde Tomatillo & Poblano (mild), Roasted Tomato & Jalapeno (medium), Roasted Tomato & Habanero (hot)
Grilled Achiote Chicken4.50
Pork Barbacoa4.50
Ancho Braised Beef Brisket5
Rice & Black Bean 4
Marinated Grilled Tofu4

Fresh Fish or NC Shrimp Burrito

Pan seared fresh fish or NC shrimp wrapped in a flour tortilla with spiced rice, black beans, lettuce, salsa fresca, cilantro chimichurri and fresh guacamole. Served with jicama slaw on the side

The Shredder

IT’S EPIC! Seared skirt steak, griddled cheddar cheese curds, cilantro garlic fries, wrapped in a flour tortilla and smothered in a red chile enchilada sauce, with lettuce, salsa fresca and sour cream on the side

Giant Cali Burrito

A meal in a tortilla! Large flour tortilla filled with your choice of meat, Mexican spiced rice, black beans, lettuce, cheese, sour cream and your choice of salsa. Salsa choices: Salsa Fresca (mild), Verde Tomatillo & Poblano (mild), Roasted Tomato & Jalapeno (medium), Roasted Tomato & Habanero (hot). Add guac or queso for $2 each.
Grilled Achiote Chicken 12"9
Grilled Achiote Chicken 15"12
Grilled Achiote Chicken Bowl 11
Pork Barbacoa 12"9
Pork Barbacoa 15"12
Pork Barbacoa Bowl11
Ancho Braised Beef Brisket 12"10
Ancho Braised Beef Brisket 15"13
Ancho Braised Beef Brisket Bowl12
Roasted Sweet Peppers & Onions 12" - 8, 15" - 11
Roasted Sweet Peppers & Onions Bowl - 10
Marinated Grilled Tofu 12"8
Marinated Grilled Tofu 15"11
Marinated Grilled Tofu Bowl10

Smother Your Burrito!

Top your Cali Burrito with our house made Red Chili Enchilada sauce, garnished with cilantro and queso fresco
All wraps served with garlic and cilantro fries

Grilled Baja Burger

Half pound Angus beef patty with melted cheeses, lettuce, salsa fresca, guacamole and pickled jalapeños, wrapped in a toasted flour tortilla

Black Bean Quinoa Burger

House made vegetarian patty with melted cheeses, salsa fresca, lettuce, and chipotle mayonnaise, wrapped in a toasted flour tortilla

Grilled Chicken, Bacon & Avocado Wrap

Sliced grilled chicken breast with lettuce, fresh guacamole, crisp bacon and salsa fresca, rolled in a garlic herb flour tortilla
All wines are available by the bottle

Acrobat Pinot Gris


Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc


Girard Chardonnay

Russian River CA8

Acacia Pinot Noir


Hullabaloo Zinfandel


Septima Malbec




Negra Modelo



St. Louis, MO-

Bud Light

St. Louis, MO-

Miller Lite

Milwaukee, WI-

Coors Light

Golden, CO-

Michelob Ultra

St. Louis, MO-

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Mills River, NC-


16 oz Can, Milwaukee, WI-


24 oz Can, Mexico-

Modelo Especial

24 oz, Mexico-

House Classic Lime Margarita


Featured Margarita


The Ultimate Margarita

Made with Don Julio Silver & Grand Marnier

The Ultimate Featured Margarita


Mezcal Margarita

Made with our house margarita mix, pineapple juice, Monte Alban Mezcal & Gran Marnier

Bad Bean Bloody Mary

Our house mix made with Tito's vodka. Light and refreshing, not thick and heavy


Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Lemonade, Mr. Pibb, Barq's Root Beer, Iced Tea, Sweet Tea
Ask your server about our house spun ice cream!


Fried pastry sprinkled with cinnamon, sugar & drizzled with honey, served with vanilla ice cream

Salsa Pints To-Go

All of our housemade salsas are available to go.

Drink Mixes To-Go

Take home our Margarita and Bloody Mary mixes.

Party Packs

10 or 20 person party packs are available for take out.